"There's a cleanliness to his work which is arresting. But, it never precludes emotion - his subjects are often profoundly moving."

Tiffanie Darke, Editor, Sunday Times Style


"The British photographer has made a career out of persuading often truculent subjects to stand before his camera."

Emma Bowkett, FT Magazine


"My Sox would take a bullet for me, so the least I could do was commission Gez to do his portrait - seeing as Stubbs has been dead some time now."

Alex James, Blur


"Gez is a wizard with animal photography. He captures the spirit and heart of our loveable beasts and his work has featured on ShortList covers as well as on my living room wall."

Jamie Klingler, publisher


"Gerrard truly captures the personality of his subjects with wit and charm. He's always a pleasure to work with."

Sian Parry - Photography Director, Marie Claire Magazine


"Gerrard brought his gentle expertise and pop-up studio to my living room and created a portrait I will treasure forever."

Laura Bailey, British Vogue 


"His process is quite something. He has to work so fast with animal subjects yet everything feels steady, calm and quiet."

Kate Spicer, Writer


"Possibly the nicest and most certainly the best animal photographer around. I would adorn all the walls in my house with his work but it would make the dog jealous."

Kate Suiter, Picture Editor, Sunday Times


"Our mini schnauzer… Tiggy for short but Major Wendy Tigson in full, has never looked so majestic."

Caryn Franklin MSc, M.B.E


“Gez is brilliant because he gets to the absolute SOUL of the animal he’s photographing”

India Knight, Writer


"The Avedon of animal photography.  He captures the personality and soul of the subject.  I'm totally fascinated by my pigeon."

Dan Smith