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Born in Wigan, in the North of England 1970, Gethings was raised in a working class environment where the outdoors and woodland escapism became integral to his upbringing.  From a young age he was fascinated by birds, insects and animals.  His talent for art and passion for nature led him to study Fine Art Painting/Photography at Sheffield University.  He moved to London upon graduation.  During his subsequent years as a young London artist, he met photographer Terry O'Neill whom he worked alongside whilst pursuing his art.

Gerrard learned the techniques necessary to create his highly stylised images during 8 years as assistant to renowned portrait photographer, O'Neill, although the aim of his work is very different from that of his old boss.  "My aim is to produce photographs that are aspirational. I don't want to create images of animals that are patronising.  My subjects are complex and characterful creatures, full of pathos, humour and unpredictability.  I want them to appear epic, like the subjects of classical painting. For me, a domestic pet is no less beautiful than a wild animal.  Familiarity often makes us forget this, but when you get up close and capture every detail in the eyes of a beautiful dog, cat or horse, you start to remember where it came from. They seem important and individual again. With a proper heritage, dating back to forever."

Gerrard has contributed & featured both fashion lifestyle & animal photography for a wide variety of clients within editorial, TV & advertising. Probably best known for his work with dogs,  He appeared as a guest photographer on ITV's Top Dog Model and his commissioned photographs are housed in private collections all around the world.  In March 2014 he collaborated with The Dogs Trust & Pet's Pyjamas where he created a collection of celebrity & rescue dog portraits for an auction exhibition in Shoreditch, London.

Gerrard is an East London based photographer, where he now lives and works with his wife Katherine, son Jarvis & dog Baxter.

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For more information contact us directly on info@gerrardgethings.com