"Taking pictures of animals is tricky in almost every way. I have never met one with even the slightest interest in photography." Gerrard Gethings

"Gerrard Gethings photographs animals as if they are the subjects of classical paintings: complex creatures, full of pathos and character." The Guardian

Gerrard Gethings was born in 1970 in Wigan. He was raised in a working class family and spent his youth in the outdoors and woodland of rural Lancashire. From a young age he was fascinated by birds, insects and animals. A combined talent for art and love of nature led him to study Fine Art Painting and Photography at Sheffield University. Gethings was a feted emerging abstract painter when he met the iconic late Twentieth Century photographer Terry O' Neill, whom he went on to work with for eight years.

"I would assist Terry and then when we weren't working, I'd be painting. The purity and clarity of the photographic medium combined with Terry's ease and expertise always amazed me. But I never found that ease with human subjects."

In 2008 Gethings brought home a seven week old border terrier puppy called Baxter and he found the photographic subjects that were to be his muse. Animals. Now, he is one of the finest animal portraitists working in the world today.

"I don't want to create images of animals that are patronising.  My subjects are complex and characterful creatures, full of pathos, humour and unpredictability. I want them to appear epic. For me, a domestic pet is no less beautiful or majestic than a wild animal.  Familiarity often makes us forget this, but when you get up close and capture every soulful detail in the eyes of a dog, cat or horse, then you start to remember where it came from.  They seem important and individual again. With a heritage that dates back to forever."

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